Past conference contributions until 2016

Conference Organization

  • MRS Symposium AAA, main organizer                                 San Francisco, 2014
    • “Applications of in-situ synchrotron radiation techniques in nanomaterials research” together with Prof. H. Birkedal (Aarhus University) and Prof. S. Wong (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
  • MRS Symposium joint sessions, co-organizer                         San Francisco, 2014
    • Joint session of symposium AAA with SS “In situ synchrotron studies of nanocrystal growth via oriented attachment and mesocrystal formation” together with Prof. E. Campo (Bangor University), Prof. J. Warren 
(NIST), Prof. F. M. Alamgir 
(Georgia Tech), Prof. I. Takeuchi
 (University of Maryland)
    • Joint session of symposium AAA with WW “Merging advanced in situ synchrotron characterization and simulation ” Prof. H. Zhang (University of California, Berkeley), Prof. R. Lee Penn 
(University of Minnesota), Helmut Cölfen 
(University of Konstanz), Prof. C. Ribeiro
(Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation)

Invited talks

  • 08/2016 Telluride Conference: Solution Based Synthesis of Nanomaterials and their Organization for Hybrid Device Structures, Telluride US
    From nanoparticle synthesis in solution to functional devices – A perspective based on in situ/ in operando X-ray studies
  • 05/2016 The European Powder Diffraction Conference, Bari Italy
    From nanoparticle synthesis in solution to functional devices – A perspective based on in situ X-ray absorption, emission and diffraction studies
  • 01/2016 Selected Topics in Science and Technology, TUM Münich, Germany
    From Nanoparticle Synthesis in Solution to Design of Functional Materials – a View from the Bridge
  • 12/2015 Roche Diagnostics, Host: Dr. Rainer Jäggi, Rotkreuz, Switzerland
  • 09/2015 Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia, Host: Prof. Antonio Llobet, Tarragona, Spain
    Beyond homogeneous nucleation of nanoparticles in solution
  • 09/2015 GDCh-Wissenschaftsforums Chemie, Highlights aus der Anorganischen Chemie, Dresden, Germany Spotlights on the crystallization of nanoparticles in solution – in situ X-ray absorption and diffraction studies
  • 09/2015 International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology, ChinaNano, Beijing China,
    Spotlights on the crystallization of nanoparticles in solution
  • 07/2015 Seminar at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Host: Prof. M. Türk, Karlsruhe, Germany
    Bridging design of materials for energy-related applications with mechanistic studies
  • 06/2015 Singapore University of Technology and Design, Host: Prof. Mei Chee Tan, Singapore
    From nanoparticles to complex functional materials – a view from the bridge
  • 06/2015 National University of Singapore, Host: Prof. Lanry Yung Lin Yue, Singapore
    Fabrication of functional materials -lesson learned from imperfections
  • 01/2015 AGH University of Science and Technology, Host: Prof. Marcin Sikora, Cracow, Poland,
    Spotlights at the crystallization of nanoparticles:  from in-situ phase transition to milliseconds synthesis in picoliter droplets
  • 08/2014 University of Pennsylvania, SEAS, Host. Prof. D. Issadore, Philadelphia, USA
    Efficient nanoparticles synthesis in solution – proof of the concept for the microwave synthesis on a chip
  • 08/2014 SPIE NanoScience + Engineering Conference, San Diego, USA
    Keeping x-ray eyes on nanoparticles synthesis in the solution: in-situ diffraction and absorption studies
  • 04/2014 Colloquium on Process Intensification, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Processing, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
    Intensified crystallization reactions in solution
  • 05/2013 Workshop on Sustainable Manufacturing of Nanomaterials and their Organization for Hybrid Device Structures, Ile d’Oléron, France
    Surprises in non-aqueous synthesis of nanoparticles: from in-situ phase transition to milliseconds microwave synthesis in picoliter droplets
  • 12/2011 Workshop Nanoparticle Synthesis for Catalysis, DTU, Host: Prof. A. Jensen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    Non-aqueous nanoparticles synthesis
  • 09/2007 SPIE Optic East, Boston, USA
    Hunting the active species in gas sensing processes – operando studies on tin dioxide based sensors

Conference contributions (oral & poster)

  • 07/2015 8th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies of the Materials Research Society of Singapore, Singapore, oral
    Device to boost crystallization reactions in solution
  • 10/2014. 4th International Solvothermal and Hydrothermal Association Conference, France, oral
    Mechanisms driving the nucleation and growth of nanoparticles in solution: rationale from the in-situ diffraction and absorption studies
  • 04/2013. MRS Spring Meeting San Francisco, USA, oral
    Microwave dielectric heating of non-aqueous droplets in a microfluidic device for nanoparticle synthesis
  • 11/2010. MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, USA, poster
    Mechanistic insights into nucleation and growth of molybdenum dioxide nanoparticles in non-aqueous system and their electrochemical properties
  • 11/2010 MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, USA, oral
    Shining the x-rays on the Pt:SnO2 based gas sensors in operando conditions
  • 08/2010. ACS Meeting, Boston, USA, oral
    Nonaqueous synthesis of molybdenum dioxide nanorods: Comprehensive study of growth of nanoparticles, in-situ EXAFS monitoring of inorganic reaction mechanism and their electrochemical properties
  • 09/2009 Euromat Operando, Glasgow, UK, oral
    Non-aqueous nanoparticle synthesis – a versatile basis for the fabrication of the organic-inorganic composites. TiO2-PMMA and Fe3O4-PU composites as case studies
  • 04/2009 III Operando Conference, Rostock, Germany, poster
    Operando fluorescent XAS studies on the role of noble metal sensitizers in SnO2 based gas sensors
  • 04/2009 MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, USA, poster
    Morphology controlled non-aqueous synthesis & crystallization mechanism of cuprous oxide
  • 09/2009 1th Hybrid Materials Conference, Tour, France, poster
    Self-sustaining, Transparent and UV Absorbing Composite Films based on Nanometer Sized TiO2 and PMMA
  • 12/2007 7th East Asian Conference On Chemical Sensors, Singapore oral
    CO sensing with tin dioxide sensors; effect of fabrication technology and operation conditions as revealed by DRIFTS and conductance measurements
  • 10/2007 6th IEEE Sensors Conference, USA poster
    Metal/SnO2 interface effects on CO sensing; operando studies
  • 09/2006. XX Eurosensors Conference, Sweden, poster
    Influence of the nature of the electrode on the sensing performance of SnO2 sensors; impedance spectroscopy studies
  • 04/2006 II Operando Conference, Toledo, Spain, poster
    Influence of annealing temperature on the CO sensing mechanism for SnO2 based sensors – operando studies
  • 09/2005 Nanostructured Materials: Environmental, Energy and Sensing App. Italy, oral
    Studies of tin dioxide based sensors’ cross sensitivity to CO and water vapor – the role of the chemical and morphological stage of the surface
  • 09/2005 XIX Eurosensors Conference, Barcelona, Spain, oral
    Spectroscopic insights into CO sensing of un-doped and palladium doped tin dioxide sensors derived from hydrothermally treated tin oxide sol
  • 09/2004 IV Semiconductor Gas Sensors Conference, Poland, oral
    Tin dioxide gas sensing; simultaneous optical and electrical studies
  • 07/2004. X International Meeting on Chemical Sensors, Tsukuba, Japan oral
    Complementary phenomenological and spectroscopic studies of propane sensing with SnO2 based sensors

Conference contribution delivered by PhD students supervised at ETH Zurich

  • 03/2017, Contributed talk (Christoph Willa): 5th International Conference on Multifunctional, Hybrid and Nanomaterials, Lisbon, Portugal
  • 09/2015 International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology, ChinaNano, Beijing, China,
    • When Nanoparticles meet Poly(Ionic Liquid)s: Chemoresistive CO2 Sensing at Room Temperature, presenter: C. Willa
    • Matching the organic and inorganic counterparts during nucleation and growth of copper-based nanoparticles – in situ spectroscopic studies, presenter: M. Staniuk
  • 08/2015 16th International Conference on XAFS, Karlsruhe, Germany,
    • Tracking the changes during liquid-phase syntheses of nanoparticles – MCR-ALS analysis of time-resolved XANES data, presenter: M. Staniuk, oral
    • Atomic and electronic structure of La2O2CO3 on th e basis of X-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy and the reactivity of La2O2CO3 films towards CO2, presenter: O. Hirsch, oral
    • The role of Ni in the MoO2 lattice – The valence and neighborhood of the Ni dopant in monoclinic MoO2, presenter: O. Hirsch, poster
  • 05/2015 MRS Meeting, San Francisco, USA, presenter: W. Cheng, poster
    • Large-Area Alignment of Tungsten Oxide Nanowires over Flat and Patterned Substrates for Room Temperature Gas Sensing
  • 07/ 2014 1st International Conference of Polyol Mediated Synthesis, France, presenter: M. Staniuk, oral
    Spectroscopic Insight Into the Synthesis of Cobalt-based Nanoparticles
  • 04/2014 MRS Meeting, San Francisco, USA
    • MCR-ALS analysis of XAS data recorded In-situ during nanoparticles synthesis in an organic solvent, presenter: M. Staniuk, oral
    • In-situ X-ray absorption and emission study of interaction between CO2 and lanthanum oxycarbonates nanoparticles, presenter: O. Hirsch, poster
    • A catalyst-free, electroless copper deposition process developed for the fabrication of flexible conducting line patterns and porous sponges – mechanical insights, presenter: N. Kraenzlin, oral
  • 09/2013 International Conference on Nanoscience & Technology, ChinaNano, Beijing, China, presenter: W. Cheng, oral
    Colloidally Stable Ultrathin Single-Crystalline Tungsten Oxide Nanowires: Synthesis, Langmuir-Blodgett Assembly, and Their Gas Sensing Properties
  • 08/2013 XVII International Sol-Gel Conference, Madrid, Spain, presenter: W. Cheng, poster
    Colloidally Stable Ultrathin Single-Crystalline Tungsten Oxide Nanowires with High Aspect Ratio: Synthesis, Assembly and Their Gas Sensing Properties