Dorota Koziej


Prof. Dr. Dorota Koziej is the Principal Investigator of the lab. She did her undergraduate work at the Silesian University of Technology, Poland. She obtained a joint doctoral degree from the Eberhard-Karls University in Tübingen, Germany and Silesian University of Technology, Poland. She did her postdoctoral work at ETH Zürich (Prof. M. Niederberger) in Switzerland and Harvard University (Prof. D. Weitz) in the US. Since 08/2017 Dorota has been appointed W2 Professor for Experimental Physics and Associate Professor in Physical Chemistry at the University of Hamburg.  She is a nano-science and synchrotron methods enthusiast. Back in Zurich she used to spend her free time rowing in the Polytechniker Rowing Club.  Currently she is still looking for a rowing club in Hamburg, and meanwhile enjoys biking & jogging along the Elbe, cooking and plans her next scuba diving trip.

In 2018 you can meet me (incoming invited talks / keynotes):

  • 06 March, 26th Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society,, Essen Germany
  • 19 May, UNICAT Colloquium, TU Berlin, Germany
  • 14 June, Seminar Series, Highlights in Energy Research, EPFL Sion, Switzerland
  • 27 June,  Material Science Colloquium,, TUHH, Harburg, Germany
  • 8 August, 6th International Solvothermal and Hydrothermal Association Conference (ISHA2018) in Sendai, Japan


Prof. Dr. Dorota Koziej
University of Hamburg
Center for Hybrid Nanostructures
Luruper Chaussee 149, Bld. 600, Room 2.60
22761 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 42838 1619
eMail: dkoziej (at)

Twitter: @DorotaKoziej