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Work at the Hybrid Nanostructure Lab is highly collaborative, and we seek to combine expertise from physics, chemistry, engineering and materials science.

For laboratory technicians.

There is currently one open position as laboratory technician in our group. Have a look at the advertisement:
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For postdocs and PhDs.

There are currently two open PhD positions in our group. Have a look at the advertisements:
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We are always looking for creative and hardworking people to join our team. To apply, send us a cover letter describing your background and future research interests, a curriculum vitae, and the contact details of at least two references.

For master and bachelor students. We are always looking for a curious and eager to learn undergrad students! Send us an e-mail briefly describing your background and interests, and what you hope to get out of your research experience (master/bachelor thesis) with us.

Have you ever wonder,

when an agglomerate of molecules become a solid? 

… does the LaMer diagram provide an ultimative truth about nucleation? 

  • We synthesise nanoparticles in solution and study using spectroscopic and scattering techniques the beauty and complexity of their chemical and morphological transformation. In this  project you will learn synthesis of hybrid nanostructure in solution, electron microscopy, X-ray scattering and/or spectroscopic technique. We develop in situ cells and microfluidic devices to enable these studies. We collaborate with Dr. W. van Beek, Dr. K. Kvashnina,  Dr. O. Mathon, (ESRF, France), and Prof. M. Sikora (AGH, Poland), Prof. K. Jansen (Uni Copenhagen, Denmark), Dr. AC. Dippel (DESY, Germany) .

… how chemical signal converts into electrical signal:

  • We develop organic-inorganic hybrid structures for flexible electronics. In this interdisciplinary project you will learn synthesis of hybrid nanostructure, fabrication of the sensing layer, AC impedance and AFM measurements. We collaborate with: Dr. D. Briand (EPFL, CH),  Prof.  Y. Yuan (Potsdam University, US).
  • We develop thin film for photo-electro-chemical application. In this project you will learn synthesis of nano-structures, thin films processing and in operando X-rays spectroscopy study at ESRF in Grenoble.  We are partner in the Photo4Future ITN Network.

The list is by no means comprehensive – please contact Dorota Koziej e-mail: for detailed information.