Join us!

Work at the Hybrid Nanostructure Lab is highly collaborative, and we seek to combine expertise from physics, chemistry, engineering and materials science.

We are always looking for creative and hardworking people to join our team. To apply, send us a cover letter describing your background and future research interests, a curriculum vitae, and the contact details of at least two references.

We are currently having openings within various funding schemes. Have a look at the advertisements and/or webpage of the projects:

  •   postdoc X-ray spectroscopy, ERC Consolidator LINCHPIN application deadline 15.02.20. LINCHPIN_ERC_Postdoc_02
  • postdoc cleanroom / nanotechnology, ERC Consolidator LINCHPIN application deadline 15.02.20. LINCHPIN_ERC_postdoc_01
  • PhD student, AIM Excellence Initiative DFG  in situ X-ray scattering in solution. The review process has already started, the application are welcome until the position has been filled.
  • PhD student, Nanohybrid Graduate Programme DFG application deadline 06.01.20.

Possible topics within my group: (9)  Investigations of metal-ligand interactions using HERFD-XANES on hybrid nanostructures and (20) Nanorods-poly(ionic liquid)s composites for applications in flexible electronics. Nanohybrid

  • engineer / Lab technician (permanent, full time at UHH, E11 level) application deadline 06.02.20 Engineer /TA position

The list is by no means comprehensive – please contact Dorota Koziej e-mail: for detailed information.

For Master and Bachelor students.

Curious and eager to learn undergrad students are always welcome to our group! Send us an e-mail briefly describing your background and interests, and what you hope to get out of your research experience (master / bachelor thesis / internship / HiWi) with us.

Have a look at the advertisement:

Ptychography on nanocubes master thesis